Case Studies

Updates on Highpoint DBR projects and our opinions on the latest construction materials and methods.

  • florida termite damage

    Florida Termite Swarming Season – What You Need To Know

    Dealing with termites is a reality for anyone living in South Florida. These termites can also cause significant damage to homes and businesses. Sometimes these infestations go unnoticed until the damage is already done, resulting in costly repairs. Learning tips on preventing termite damage and understanding the different risks of these pests is essential to…

  • florida home design services

    Advantage of New Construction Homes in the Florida Panhandle

    If your current home in the Florida Panhandle isn’t meeting your needs, you have three main choices: remodel your current home, move into another existing home or build a custom home. For many people, building a new home is the best option. Read on to learn why. New Construction Homes Mean Lower Maintenance Costs With…

  • florida home

    Make Your Home More Resistant to Hurricanes

    Living along the coast offers many scenic views and plenty of activities to do. However, one of the drawbacks of living in coastal regions is the potential of hurricanes each year. Hurricane season begins on June 1st, and it doesn’t end until November 30th, and it’s essential to look at ways to hurricane-proof your home….

  • hurricane prep

    How to Prepare Your Home for Hurricane Season in Pensacola

      Hurricanes are an all too common occurrence for anyone living in Pensacola, Florida. Intense hurricanes can cause massive damage to your home and property in only a little amount of time. Taking additional steps to limit hurricane damage is essential in staying proactive against these dangerous storms. Creating a hurricane preparedness list can play…

  • Custom home built for sustainability by Highpointe DBR

    Sustainability and Green Building

    As President and Principal Owner of Highpointe DBR, I’ve spent a lot of years designing and building Green Homes here on the Gulf Coast of Florida’s Panhandle. Over time, I’ve come to notice that the industry terms tossed around by builders don’t always mean much — if anything — to our clients. I’ve also noticed…

  • Grand Lagoon New Construction custom home by Highpointe DBR, LLC

    Grand Lagoon New Construction: Mid Century Mod

    Senior Designer at Highpointe DBR, Damian Schrey, worked for more than nine months with our clients to design this Grand Lagoon New Construction Mid-Century Modern home. The overriding goal was to create a sustainable, elevated-piling house built with green construction techniques and materials. Aside from the overall style and appearance of the house, the owners…

  • Ocean views in Custom SIP Home by Highpointe DBR, LLC

    Sound-Front Custom SIP Home — Pensacola Beach

    The owner of this Highpointe home wanted to build a family-friendly retreat on the Intercoastal Waterway to enjoy as a second home and occasional rental. Working with local designer/architect Shauna Neuhaus of S Neuhaus Design, the Highpointe DBR team and the owner designed a fantastic layout with large, open spaces. The custom home plans created…