hurricane storm damage in Pensacola

Hurricane Restoration & Rebuild Services

Highpointe DBR offers quality hurricane restoration and rebuild services in Pensacola, Perdido Key, and the surrounding region.

As many Pensacola residents discovered in the wake of Hurricane Sally, few things are more devastating to the homeowner than the aftermath of a hurricane or other natural disaster. The damage inflicted by high winds, flooding, fires, and other extreme conditions can be complicated. The full extent may not immediately come to light, with hidden issues such as water damage sometimes emerging months later. The prospect of rebuilding and restoring your storm-damaged home can be a daunting one, requiring expertise from a range of different fields.

Highpointe DBR can help you through this challenging and emotionally taxing process. Our teams of experts and hand-picked sub-contractors are ready to support you every step of the way from the insurance claim to the final restoration. We can assist you with all aspects of hurricane restoration and other kinds of home restoration following natural disasters.

The first step on the road to restoring your property after a natural disaster is to agree with your insurer about the value of the claim. This kind of claim can be challenging to navigate without expert help and advice. Even the most competent insurance adjuster can miss hidden damage, essential details, or issues unique to a specific property. This process can be incredibly difficult and lengthy if you have a historic building or a custom build.

In complex circumstances, homeowners and insurance companies alike can rely on Highpointe DBR’s in-depth and extensive knowledge of restoration work, our breadth of expertise, and our track record of experience. We work with property owners and insurers to prepare a restoration claim document approved by all parties involved.

If you’re tied up in a complex insurance claim or litigation relating to damaged property, you may find yourself needing expert testimony and support. Highpointe can provide expert witness testimony in support of your claim. We also offer Insurance Appraisal and Umpire services. Highpointe is available to ensure that your claim is appropriately and expertly valued.

Once you’re able to resolve your insurance claim, the next stage is to start the reconstruction process. When it comes to the rebuilding work, you can rely on Highpointe DBR’s integrated restoration and construction services to produce great results. Our teams of designers, architects, and construction experts will work with you to create a thorough and carefully budgeted plan with detailed scheduling. You won’t have to coordinate separate contractors — our in-house experts and carefully chosen partners will work together at every stage to help you repair and rebuild your home.

Whether you’re restoring a historic building to its former glory or taking the opportunity to rebuild your home with a custom makeover, you can trust Highpointe DBR. Our designers and craftsmen can help bring your vision for your restored property to life, within your budget, and on schedule. We have extensive and proven experience in historic repairs following damage by wind, fire, or water. Contact Highpointe DBR to find out more about how our Integrated Design services can help you.