Highpointe DBR is a full service Design/Build firm creating beautiful custom homes and high-performance commercial spaces for the area’s most discerning customers

Custom Home Builder in Pensacola and The Florida Gulf Coast


Highpointe DBR provides custom DESIGN for renovations and new residential projects. And as in integrated Design and Build firm, our team provides full service commercial construction services, as well.


Once our clients, designers and sub-contractor partners have completed the Design work, it’s time for Highpointe DBR and our team of experts and sub-contractors to BUILD your dream home or new commercial space. Our attention to detail and skilled craftsmen ensure our client’s dreams are fulfilled as we make their plans take shape and come to life.


Whether it’s a historic renovation to RESTORE an East Hill bungalow or an insurance claim for wind, water or fire damage, the Highpointe DBR team’s expertise is grounded in all phases of restoration work. Our contractors and estimators can work out all details of your insurance claim and our designers and contractors can breathe new life into any older home. Restorations is where we got our start!

Modern kids room in custom home by Highpointe DBR, LLC
Flood damaged home needs Insurance Appraisal, Expert Witness and Umpire Services from Highpointe DBR
Roof storm damage ready for repairs by Highpointe DBR, LLC

Pensacola Expert Witness & Insurance Appraisal

When a property is damaged by an insurance-covered peril, the restoration work is often less challenging and time consuming than the valuation of the claim. Insurance adjusters are not contractors and cannot be expected to accurately value complex claims involving historic or unique structures. Often damages are hidden or more complicated than what an adjuster can uncover and value in a brief inspection. In many cases, insurance companies rely heavily on Contractors with specialized knowledge of insurance restoration and the preparation of insurance-approved estimates.

Our President and Principal Owner, Halley Lovato, and the team at Highpointe DBR have a wealth of experience in insurance restoration work. We are well known for our ability to work with insurance companies and properly value claims. Highpointe provides expert witness testimony and insurance claim support for litigation, as well as Insurance Appraisal and Umpire services.

We are here to help properly value your claim and to restore the damaged property. Contact us for any assistance or 24 hour emergency services.

Appraisal & Umpire

When property owners find themselves facing damages from an insured peril, the process of rebuilding is only part of the task at hand. Generally speaking, the first step in the process of restoring a loss is to value the damages and agree to the amount of loss covered by insurance. What sounds simple enough is often the most complex and time consuming aspect of the job. When insurance companies and property owners fail to agree on the value of a loss, INSURANCE APPRAISAL is a process by which the conflict can often be resolved quickly and efficiently without the expense and delays of litigation.