Grand Lagoon New Construction custom home by Highpointe DBR, LLC

Grand Lagoon New Construction: Mid Century Mod

Senior Designer at Highpointe DBR, Damian Schrey, worked for more than nine months with our clients to design this Grand Lagoon New Construction Mid-Century Modern home.

The overriding goal was to create a sustainable, elevated-piling house built with green construction techniques and materials. Aside from the overall style and appearance of the house, the owners wanted a sustainable home using long-lasting and environmentally-friendly components. The intention was to build a low-maintenance and energy-efficient home that would push the boundaries of performance construction. The Grand Lagoon New Construction project incorporated high-tech and high-strength materials to exceed current building codes and provide a hurricane-resistant structure.

To accomplish those goals, we designed the home using ultra-strong and rot-resistant composite pilings from Pearson Pilings which are stronger than timber and concrete pilings. They’re perfectly round, very lightweight and uniform, making them very easy to use and extremely durable.

The walls, roof and floor are framed using SIP panels from The Murus Company. The SIP system provides incredible strength, extreme insulation and virtually no waste material in the landfill.  Impact-resistant windows and doors protect all the openings from storm damage and, together with the SIP framing, achieves an incredibly strong structure and nearly airtight building envelope to prevent outside air infiltration.

Highpointe DBR and the owners achieved a perfect balance of comfort and cost by using a high-tech geothermal heat pump unit, Energy Star-rated appliances, LED lighting and automated building functions.