Insurance Appraisal, Expert Witness and Umpire Services

Insurance Appraisal, Expert Witness and Umpire Services in Pensacola

Highpointe DBR is an integrated design and construction firm offering insurance appraisals, expert witness, and umpire services.

Hurricane insurance claims and claims relating to other natural disasters are often highly complicated. Damage can be extensive, and restoration may be difficult and complex. Many insurance appraisers may miss crucial factors and hidden damage, leading to problems with your claim. In particular, water damage can be slow to manifest, requiring an expert eye to detect before it becomes a major issue. There are sometimes disputes between property owners and insurance adjusters over the exact value of a claim.

When there’s litigation or a dispute over an insurance claim, you need experts in your corner who can make an authoritative assessment of the damage and the cost of restoration. At Highpointe, we draw on a wide range of disciplines — design, construction, insurance adjustment, and litigation — to offer you a full range of services relating to insurance and legal claims in the context of property damage and restoration. Our teams of experts are ready and waiting to help you with your claim.

Highpointe DBR offers insurance appraisal services to make sure that you receive everything you’re entitled to in the event of hurricane damage or damage from other natural disasters. As an integrated design and construction firm, we are ideally positioned to assess the damage suffered by your property. We will formulate an insurer-approved document detailing the damage and the cost of rectifying it. Our skills and expertise are particularly relevant in cases involving properties that are historic or otherwise unique. We can make sure that your storm damage insurance claim is expertly handled.

When a dispute arises over an insurance claim, you’ll need the services of an impartial insurance umpire. Highpointe is the perfect choice for this role. We’re experts in both construction and loss adjusting. We’ll assess the property’s value and the amount of loss incurred as a result of the damage. If you and your insurance adjuster can’t agree, we are here to help provide a resolution.

In cases where litigation is involved, you can trust Highpointe DBR to provide fair and impartial expert witness testimony. Having an informed and reliable construction expert in your corner can make the difference between losing a case and winning. Highpointe’s expert witness testimony will help ensure that you receive everything you’re entitled to in a settlement.

Recovering from storm damage can be a difficult time. As well as helping property owners through insurance claims, Highpointe can also provide expert repairs and rebuilding. Whether you’re planning to restore your property to its former condition or starting over with a custom rebuild or remodel, Highpointe DBR can help.

Highpointe DBR is an integrated design and construction firm offering a range of services. We can bring our unique expertise to bear on your insurance appraisal process. Contact us to find out more about the range of insurance appraisal services, expert witness services, and umpire services we can provide.