Florida Blanca-After Restoration by Highpointe DBR, LLC

Florida Blanca: After Restoration

At the suggestion of one of the owner’s friends, they contacted Halley Lovato and the Highpointe DBR team in hopes that they could repair the damage and preserve the historical building.

After some careful investigation and structural analysis, it was determined that restoration was theoretically possible.

Given the historical nature of the building and its address in Old Seville’s Historic Preservation district, any repairs had to preserve the original appearance and utilize equivalent materials. Also, despite the antique appearance, all of the building’s structural and mechanical components would have to be brought to, or replaced in compliance with, the current Florida Building Code. From the slab to the roof, electrical, plumbing and even handicap access had to come up to code.

Most importantly, all repairs had to be completed within the budget determined by the available proceeds of the building’s insurance policy. To make a long story short, Lovato and his team redesigned and rebuilt the building on budget and on time and, in so doing, saved an important part of Pensacola’s bay-front landscape.

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