What is an Insurance Umpire?

What is an Insurance Umpire?

The process of settling any insurance claim can be complicated, and it’s easy for potential conflicts to occur. An insurance umpire is a third-party mediator who is unrelated to both the policyholder and the insurance company. These professionals are vital in settling large loss claims and property damage disputes. Retaining an insurance umpire will typically smooth out the entire process, ensuring that both sides get a fair shake in resolving their differences.

Understanding the Insurance Claims Process

Submitting an insurance claim is one of the first steps in processing damage to property. The insurance appraiser will perform a detailed investigation of the damages, and an insurance policy review will most likely also be required. Once this is complete, the next step is the damage evaluation to determine the value of the payout. If any conflicts arise, a certified property insurance umpire can settle these disputes.
If you are ever in a similar situation, it’s recommended to learn more about the insurance claim support process. Here is a more detailed review of each step of the insurance claim process:

Claim Submission

An insurance claim investigation begins with a claim submission where the policyholder informs the insurance company of the damages to their property. A detailed submission makes the process more efficient and straightforward for everyone involved.


Once a claim has been submitted, the insurance provider will begin investigating the property damage. An insurance appraiser will arrive on-site to determine the cause and the entire scope of the damage. The result of the insurance claim investigation is a crucial part of the insurance appraisal process.

Policy Review

An insurance policy review is needed if/when you make a claim. The insurance company will examine the policy’s specific terms to ensure that you are eligible to file the claim. Not all insurance policies are the same, which is why it’s essential to be familiar with the details of your policy.

Damage Evaluation

Property damage can be minor or extensive. An insurance claim investigation is needed to determine the value of the property damage. An insurance appraiser will evaluate the damage to the property and calculate the costs of making repairs or a complete replacement.

Determination & Payout

The final stage of the insurance claim support process is the determination and payout. In some instances, the payout can be large, depending on the depth of your insurance coverage as well as the amount of property that’s been damaged. Every situation is different. If you disagree with the payout, consider an appraisal clause.

What is an Appraisal Clause?

An appraisal clause allows a policyholder to ask for an appraisal of the loss if there is any disagreement. Performing this action typically activates the appraisal process to determine the valuation of the property or repair costs. An insurance umpire will often decide to settle the dispute between the insurance company and the policyholder in a manner deemed beneficial to both parties.

Large Loss Claims Disputes

Conflicts are more prevalent with large loss claims with the financial implications being much more significant. Making sure that the determination is fair and accurate is essential for large loss claims. An insurance umpire can play a critical role in deciding the value of an insurance claim.

The Difference Between an Appraiser and an Insurance Umpire

An insurance appraiser determines the value of damaged property or the cost of necessary repairs. If the insurer and the insured disagree on the value of a claim, an insurance umpire can step in to settle the matter. Insurance umpires are fair and neutral third parties that are certified to make a binding judgment on this type of dispute.

Final Thoughts About the Insurance Claim Process

Differences can happen when it comes to insurance claims, especially if large loss claims are involved. Settling disputes for insurance claims can often be complicated, but an insurance umpire will diligently work to find a fair resolution for all parties. An insurance umpire is an independent party that plays a vital role in ensuring that the claims process goes smoothly.