Must-Have Technology to Incorporate into Your New Home Build Near Pensacola, FL

Smart home technology is becoming more common in all types of new home builds. The advances in the Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI)-powered platforms continue to transform the way people use their homes. Over 45% of all homes in the United States use smart home devices, and this trend will only continue to become much more widespread in new home builds in Pensacola and throughout the country.

New Technology that Many Can’t (or Don’t Want to) Live Without in 2023/2024

Keeping up with the latest trends can often be difficult due to the ever-changing nature of technology. Smart thermostats, video surveillance systems, alternative energy sources, and smart home automation are just a few examples of the different ways technology will continue to impact new home builds. Home automation systems will only continue to become more sophisticated by offering new safety features that make life safer and more convenient.

Here is an overview of the latest tech options for new home builds in or near Pensacola, FL. 

Smart Thermostats

Incorporating ways to improve energy efficiency is often a priority, which is why smart thermostats are becoming the standard in new homes. Smart thermostats give you the flexibility to create a temperature schedule throughout the day/night with the use of an app. Over time, a temperature schedule can result in significant energy savings, while allowing you to make changes at any time, right on your smartphone.

Home Automation Systems

Home automation isn’t limited to smart thermostats, as it can also be used for controlling dishwashers, washing machines, lighting systems, and other appliances. You can make any changes remotely, whether you are at work or are even away in another city. All you need is an internet connection in order to check on your home or make a change at any time of the day or night.

Alternative Energy Systems

Finding alternative energy sources will also continue to be a key focus with smart home automation. For example, solar-based energy makes it possible to power a home while making much less of an impact on the environment. Charging stations to power electric vehicles at home will also become more widespread. Using these alternative energy sources is a great way to save money and reduce your environmental impact. 

Smart Meters

Installing smart meters in a home is an excellent way to boost efficiency, and can also result in significant cost savings. These smart meters can be implemented in a variety of items, whether it’s monitoring the lights in your home, optimizing heating and cooling, or even controlling a water capture system. Smart meters make it easy to understand your consumption and usage levels for all types of systems.

Environmental Control Powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI)

AI technology will continue to evolve and make an even bigger impact on home automation systems in the future. Houses using an AI-powered platform will be able to automatically adjust settings to best match your needs and preferences. These systems can easily control the temperature, lighting, security, and many other systems to optimize your indoor environment.

Video Surveillance Systems

Using the Internet of Things (IoT), which typically incorporates sensors and other technologies, makes it possible to install even more advanced video surveillance systems to ensure that you and your family are receiving the best protection. These new video surveillance systems offer many more features, such as the ability to pan horizontally, tilt vertically, or zoom in and out. You can rest easier knowing these video surveillance systems provide around-the-clock protection.

Energy Usage Monitoring Devices

Smart home technology will also make it easier to optimize energy usage with the help of smart meters and alternative energy sources. An energy usage monitoring device can use machine learning technology to optimize the temperature in your home to help you stay comfortable while also saving you money. Environmental control in new homes creates a much more efficient system that benefits homeowners and the environment.

Water Capture Systems

Developing a water capture system will become even more important in homes built near Pensacola, FL. This innovative technology will make it possible to capture rainwater and wastewater for recycling purposes. Smart home automation systems can easily perform these tasks to help reduce water usage in new homes.

Emergency Notification Systems

Emergencies can happen at home when you least expect them. Internet of Things technology and new home automation systems can provide advanced safety features to notify you of any issues. These emergency notification systems are especially helpful if you are away, as you can call for help if you are dealing with a hazard that requires attention.