Should I Follow Architectural Styles of Pensacola when having a New Home Built?

Should I Follow Architectural Styles of Pensacola When Having a New Home Built?

Building a new home in Pensacola is always exciting. It’s also an opportunity to connect with the city’s rich architectural history. Some of the most popular styles in the area include Gothic Revival, Spanish Revival, and Frame Vernacular. Mediterranean Revival is also another popular option. Learning about these styles, as well as Pensacola’s building regulations, can help you decide which architectural style is the best choice for your new house.

Following Local Architectural Ordinances & Regulations

The first step in making such an important decision is to be aware of local architectural ordinances and regulations. Pensacola has a few guidelines to preserve its unique character, especially in historic preservation districts. The Architectural Review Board plays a key role in approving homes. For example, the board oversees architectural control in designated areas to maintain a similar style within its neighborhoods. Your home design may need board approval to make sure that it aligns with the community’s standards.

Benefits of Maintaining the Historic Character of Your New Neighborhood

Adopting local architectural home styles, such as Gothic Revival or Spanish Revival, is more than just about following rules. Choosing a popular architectural style is also about respecting and contributing to the identity of your neighborhood. These styles tell the story of Pensacola’s past. Choosing a design that echoes these traditions allows your new home to be a part of the city’s living history.

Preserving Cultural Heritage

One key reason to embrace these popular styles is to help preserve Pensacola’s cultural heritage. Building a new home that reflects the local architectural style contributes to the city’s charm and identity. This is especially true in historic preservation districts, where each building plays a part in telling the story of Pensacola’s evolution. You’re not only creating a home for yourself but also helping to keep the city’s history alive for future generations.

Enhancing Property Value

Homes that blend in with their surroundings often have a much higher property value. If your home blends with the area’s architectural style, it can be more appealing to future buyers. Choosing any of the historic architectural styles can often be a wise financial decision in the long term. Over time, such homes often become cherished landmarks, which adds to the neighborhood’s appeal and community pride.

Building Community Relationships

An added benefit of choosing local styles is that it shows respect for your community’s history and values. Building a new home by following any of the historic styles can help develop positive relationships in the community. Creating long-lasting bonds with others in the community is especially important if you plan to stay at your new home for many years to come. Architectural home styles of the past are a win-win for everyone.

Considerations for Your Home Design

Choosing your home design in a historic preservation district is a big decision that’s filled with many options. Learning about all the available options beforehand is a task that’s well worth your time. For example, a Gothic Revival home has pointed arches and many decorative details, and Spanish Revival is known for its stucco walls and red-tiled roofs.

Mediterranean Revival blends these elements with a focus on indoor-outdoor living spaces, which is perfect for Pensacola’s climate. You may also want to consider Frame Vernacular, which is a more straightforward style that can be more flexible and cost-effective. A building contractor can help you think about how these styles can be adapted to suit modern living requirements while keeping their traditional charm.

Find Out More About Architectural Home Styles

Choosing to follow Pensacola’s architectural styles while having a new home built offers numerous advantages. These styles allow you to honor the city’s history and build a strong community. You may even potentially increase your property’s value.

New homeowners can choose from numerous style options, whether you prefer Gothic Revival, Spanish Revival, Mediterranean Revival, or Frame Vernacular. Either way, your new home can beautifully bridge the past and the present. Now is a wonderful time to reach out to a local building contractor in Pensacola that specializes in these architectural styles.