Benefits of Having a Home Built with an Elevated Foundation

Building a home with an elevated foundation is one of the best options for limiting water damage from natural disasters. Choosing to elevate your home higher than the Base Foot Elevation (BFE) is especially important in mitigating the danger of flash flooding. However, many older homes weren’t built to meet these standards, which is why homeowners should consider hiring a contractor to lift their house if it’s in an area prone to floods. Whether you are renovating an existing house or building a brand-new one, choosing to elevate a house is one of the most effective ways to avoid water damage.

Here are a few of the main advantages of having an elevated home. 

Lessen the Chance of Flood Damage

One of the biggest benefits of having an elevated home is that it greatly reduces the risk of seasonal flooding. Staying proactive by elevating your house or designing a custom elevated home can save you a lot of stress and reduce future flooding problems. An elevated home is especially important if you are having a home built on waterfront property along the Florida Coast. Lifting an existing home also gives you the opportunity to repair any prevalent structural issues to ensure that your home meets current building codes.

Enhance Property Value

An added benefit of an elevated home is that it can boost the curb appeal and value of your property. Elevated houses are much more attractive to potential buyers because they are less likely to experience water damage from natural disasters. Lifting your house or having your home originally built with an elevated structure is also an excellent way to give you a greater view of your surroundings, including an enhanced water view if your home is located on the coast, which can be a major selling point. Pier and beam homes also give you more storage space underneath the home, which only further enhances your property value.

Decrease Flood Insurance Premiums

Flood insurance is a necessity if you own waterfront property. Taking steps to lower your flood insurance premiums is often a priority due to high insurance rates. One way to reduce the cost of your insurance and provide greater protection for your home is to invest in an elevated foundation. An elevated house provides more protection from water damage, and it can help you save money on insurance. When having an existing home elevated, be sure to notify your insurance provider of this home improvement so you are able to take advantage of these savings.

Are There Any Downsides to Elevating an Existing Home?

One of the only downsides to having an existing home elevated is that it may require you to modify your current electrical and plumbing systems. These modifications can increase the cost of the renovation, but it’s often worth the additional cost to limit the chance of potential future water damage. Having an elevated home also means that you have elevated flooring, which makes it much easier to maintain your plumbing and electrical systems. 

Getting The Most from a Waterfront Property with an Elevated Home

Having an elevated house allows you to experience the most benefit from a waterfront property by limiting the chance of water damage due to seasonal flooding or natural disasters. Elevating your home also provides many other benefits, whether it’s lowering your flood insurance premiums, boosting property value, or enhancing curb appeal. Working with an experienced design/building firm is recommended if you are considering any custom home build, to ensure that it meets the current building codes.

Closing Thoughts

Choosing to build an elevated home is a great option for anyone looking to build/live on waterfront property. Learning all about the advantages of an elevated foundation is especially important if you’re weighing all your options. Discussing your needs with a custom home builder can help make the decision easier and ensure that you’re well-satisfied with your choice and have no regrets.